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Questions for Hugo Lloris

Published on the 10 November 2010 à 15:08 by R.B

OL... his performances…the match against Nice... the French league... the France team ... A broad overview with the international goalkeeper ... An interview to be found in OLSystem...

His voice is soft, lilting, this does not stop his insurance, even the firmness of the remarks. These comments reflect, pell-mell, reflection, intelligence, ambition, understanding the requirements demanded, the discontent, hope, certainty, clarity ... His profession in the net has not closed of Hugo’s way of thinking, quite the contrary. Here are some excerpts from the interview...

OL? "Overall, we must clearly do better. We cannot continue to put ourselves in danger as we did for example at Benfica or in Rennes ... For now, there have been no easy games against opponents who transcend themselves when facing us, who play on the counter attack... We should not always be chasing the score, we should not put ourselves in danger when we are in front... There's too much nervousness... We cannot reproduce the same aberrations from one match to another as was the case at Benfica and Rennes ...Before, OL knew how to win matches, even when playing poorly ... We cannot settle for this start to the season. I remain convinced that we have the potential to address this and achieve our goals. The climate in and around the club? We know there is pressure around the club. Even when you win, sometimes there are critics. Afterwards, there are things that were said, decisions that were made ... it is up to us to focus on what we have to do...."

His performances? "It is true that by coming to the OL, I did not expect to be brought into play so much. Somewhere, it's not normal ... I am rarely fully satisfied with my game because there is always a detail that bothers me. Afterwards I get quickly over the match played, either in the evening or the next day. You have to immediately get back to work. In doing so, it does not get me down, I do not go over everything in my mind. A successful match? I would say the game against Nancy, because after the mistake I made, I got back into the game ... A game with which I am not satisfied? At Benfica, I was not in good form... But in general, I enjoy my matches, taking into account the collective, the final result. Am I angry sometimes? Yes, but at the same time, it's not my nature to be so and it does not help me to play...."

Rémy Vercoutre? "He's more than a replacement. He knows it. He has arrived at a very good age for a goalkeeper. So if I was satisfied with his fine performance against PSG in the Coupe de la Ligue, I'm disappointed it did not help the team qualify".

The championship of France? "That no team dominates this championship... it’s suits us. Otherwise, we would have lost all hope of winning the title. This is a championship working itself out. So obviously anything is possible for us. We will be able to see more clearly in a few weeks ...It is up to us to take the steps to reposition ourselves..."

The match against Nice? "It's always special for me to play against this team. After you have to win knowing that it will be difficult against a team that gets forward very quickly..."

The France national team? "We are writing a new story ... It's always a pleasure to wear the blue shirt ... Next week we will play "a gala match" in a legendary stadium. It's always a pleasure. The bonuses? It is unusual to see this come out in the media this way ... The players had made a decision: to renounce their bonuses from the World Cup, but not those of the qualification".

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His daughter, born on the 23rd of September 23? "It has brought a whole lot more joy to my life... It has not fundamentally changed me..."