first team / OL - Benfica 2-0


Published on the 20 October 2010 à 23:22 by DC

Reactions after the victory over Benfica.

Maxime Gonalons
Tonight, we have nine points. We really wanted to get a result and to top it off we played well. We succeeded in playing and well and creating chances. These two goals will do us a lot of good. Afterwards, it is not always easy to play against a team that has ten men. They remained regrouped, proceeded with counter attacks. We managed well by playing the ball around. The qualification is not acquired yet, we must still bring back a result from Benfica. Confidence is very important, the atmosphere in the group is good so there is no reason why we would not get results. We did some good things together. It is up to us to prepare properly for the next match against Arles-Avignon. Finally, personally, I felt good. Miro and Yoann did a good job defensively, and tonight this victory is very satisfying.

Jean-Michel Aulas
The 2-0 result tonight is a very successful operation, but 3-0 would have been better, especially in view of the return game. What is important is to finish first and win all the matches in the group. We must get out of this group to continue the series. I think we can win those six games. Confidence is essential for this. Six wins would do us well before our championship matches. Nine points is not enough, I think we need to have at least ten points to consider second place. Only the big teams can win all their matches, it is up to us to do this for the first time. The most important is this match at Benfica which we have coming up. We will have to win. Tonight we had fun, because there was no sword of Damocles hanging over us. It's good for confidence.

Jimmy Briand
It's a great night tonight, we wanted to take all three points, especially at home and in view of the rest of the Champions League. We did the job well, plus we had fun. We put two goals away, we could even have scored more, but the victory is still there. After the hour, we kept some energy for Sunday. Since the match against Saint-Etienne, we're back to simple things, a lot of motivation and desire. It’s working well for us, victories are bringing victories. I'm glad that I scored my first goal at Gerland tonight. But I prefer to think about the result and the three points taken.

Anthony Réveillère
After the match in Lille which was not easy, we had to avoid the trap in the Champions League. We knew we had to take maximum points at home, but Benfica came with ambition. So it's good, we scored two goals and took the three points. Even if we could have scored more, we're happy because we played well. We need confidence, and that comes through victories. It also brings a good atmosphere to the squad and it gives hope for the rest of the Champions League and the championship. I think there was an awareness that erupted from the derby. It's a dynamic that I hope will continue. We'll have to get the three points in Avignon, to be able to position ourselves better in the table and meet the objectives of our start to the season.

Claude Puel
We needed this win because I fear the return match at Benfica. We'll have to get a result there. I'm happy, tonight there were some interesting things, our repositioning, the play, even if our opponent did make things a little easy for us. I think there was a little fatigue after the match in Lille. We had chances to score more I think. There were some unnecessary gestures, but we will not be picky. Not conceding on top of that is important. Now we will have to win in Arles, for they will judge us on our performance there.

Pape Diakhaté
It's good, but we need further confirmation on Sunday and be professional. The international break has been good for some players. Yoann returned with more confidence, Licha returned well too. Tonight we won, that's fine, on top of that we didn’t concede which makes me even happier. It is true that as a defender, I do not like conceding many goals.

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