first team / OL - Auxerre 1-1


Published on the 22 December 2010 à 21:21 by DC

All the post match reactions.

Jérémy Pied
The draw is disappointing, especially since we had a chance to progress and when you see how the game went and the goal from Auxerre which was offside. We had opportunities, it’s a shame. We were not surprised because Auxerre played deep. They were well grouped, and then we failed to make the break. The second half of the season will be better I hope. I tried to finish the job well for the players who started the match, but there was no concrete result. Personally, I have given everything I can for the team since the start of the season. Now we'll go on holiday and recharge the batteries. For 2011, I hope to score goals and be decisive for OL.

Jean-Michel Aulas
That’s the second draw in a row. Tonight I have no complaints about the players. We put in a good performance against a very well organized team. It is well known that Auxerre are the comeback specialists, but it is frustrating because the player was offside. Afterwards we suffered with the media storm, because after being criticized, there has been much progress. With supporters, with the OL family, with Bernard Lacombe who supported me, Claude Puel and of course the players. We have moved back up the table, and it is deserved, but I’m not happy with the refereeing over the attack on Pjanic and the goal. But we must believe in the team because there were also absentees, we must not forget that. I think the second half of the season will allow us to regain the title of French champions.

Kim Källström
I think we deserved to win this game We were in control, then we made a bad start to the second half. After, there was an offside position for their goal but we did not play the situation well. We cannot be greedy, we’ve come back from a long way behind. Being one point away from the leader is not bad. In addition, there are 19 matches to go, leading means nothing right now.

Claude Puel
Hugo Lloris has made decisive saves again tonight, while he did not have much work at the start of the game. He is the best OL player of 2010, the most consistent. Afterwards, I was not disappointed by my players tonight. We had the good fortune to open the scoring, and then we conceded this goal at the start of the second half. Then looking at the game, we had to take many risks. I am frustrated by the equaliser as it was offside. This changed the face of the game I think. It's a big frustration, and that is what the players felt. The entrance of Jérémy (Pied) was good but without result. We shouldn’t have any regrets about the game as we gave our all. But I'm also disappointed about the match against Marseille, because we missed an opportunity. The important thing is to be placed for the return matches. The players were very solid, and have given themselves the means of redressing the situation. We know now what remains to be done. OL are in the game. The bad luck we have had over these last few games will turn next year I hope. On the series, it's the pace of a champion that we'll have to keep. We have gotten back our level of play but we'll have to rest, and afterwards come back with the same rhythm.

Michel Bastos
For the goal, the referee was not with us. We regret that because we see the results afterwards, we could have gone home with a beautiful gift. Now we will rest with the family to return with desire for the second half of the season. Me anyway I always thought that with our qualities we could come back in the standings. I’ve been looking for a title for a while now, the fans want it, and it would be a great gift for everyone.

Jean Fernandez
Kim Källström was very good against Marseille and again tonight. Regarding the goal, honestly as it happened I didn’t see that there was an offside position. Afterwards Quercia eliminated Lloris well, he played well. In the last three games, each time we have fallen behind we have managed to come back and score. With quite a few absentees it has to be said. I thought that with Lyon scoring just before the end of the first half, it would be difficult for us. I think that in the second, we were a little better, especially with the exit of Pjanic. We recuperated more balls and could play a little more. At the start of the game we tried to get out quickly and counter attack. We asked our midfielders to come quickly and not leave much space for Lisandro. That player pulls OL up, and we had to block him. After we had one more day of recovery, it counts, after nearly six months of competition. And yet, we are not really used to playing every three days. As far as Real are concerned, I think this team is stronger than last year. Afterwards, Lyon have a chance of creating an upset against Real, if the squad is at full strength.

Julien Quercia
I'm happy because we wanted to finish the year well. In addition we have been playing every three days, something that we are not used to doing. I didn’t think I was offside for the goal. I made the call, was given the ball and slotted it home. Let’s hope we continue things in the second half of the season, and take points away from home like tonight.

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