first team / Valenciennes 1-0 OL


Published on the 21 December 2011 à 21:17

Check out who said what in the OLTV bus after the loss to Valenciennes...

Jérémy Pied
We're disappointed. We missed out on the chance to climb up the standings. We didn't do what we had to do in the first half. We had a plan to counter VA and we didn't stick to it. We have no excuses. We weren't good enough to get the result. We almost deserved to lose, given how we played tonight. I tried to give it everything when I came off the bench.

Jimmy Briand
You have to earn goals and we didn't earn any tonight. We simply weren't good enough in the first half. We knew they were going to come at us and we didn't answer the physical challenge. It's a shame to finish the year like that.

Gueida Fofana
We were inconsistent in the first half. We started the game poorly and were out played in the challenges. In the second half, we had chances, but the ball just wouldn't go in.

Rémi Garde
I'm disappointed by this match, but I'm not about to forget the great run of matches we've just had. It's a shame to finish the year like that. In the first half we were poor, in our play, our choices, our attitude. We didn't do what we needed to do. In the second half things were a bit better, especially in terms of our approach. We created chances and that's what we wanted. With a bit of luck, we could have got the draw. We were waiting for things to happen, rather than making things happen. We weren't able to take advantage of our rivals slipping up. We go on holidays on a negative note, but we'll be back in training in early January. The first half of the season hasn't been bad, but it's just annoying to finish the year like this.

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