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Published on the 25 October 2006 à 23:43 by BV

Check out all the reactions to Olympique Lyonnais’ Coupe de la Ligue win over Paris Saint-Germain...

Jean-Michel Aulas: That was a tough match. Was it due to a little come down after the Marseille match or due to the dynamism of the young PSG players? Whatever the reason, we suffered right up until the 88th minute. That really took some guts.
What you really have to take you hat off to is the players desire to score that goal, even two minutes from the end. Tonight they really had to give everything because Paris put the stakes very high in terms of the physical and aggressive nature of the match.
Before the match, the PSG coach rather awkwardly declared that we stole the win in the Trophée des Champions so we were out for revenge tonight.
Rémy Vercoutre is backing up each good performance with another. If we often manage to turn a situation around in the final minutes, it’s thanks to that desire to win and never give up, even when everyone thinks it’s over. We really have a great squad, always well prepared by a great coaching staff and that is worth its weight in gold.

Sébastien Squillaci: Like every Cup game, we expected a tough game with plenty of 50/50 challenges. We never took a backward step and we believed right until the end. With a team spirit like this we can go a long way. Tonight we again proved our mental strength.

Kim Källsröm: It was a difficult match. They played very tough and gave a lot of knocks. They didn’t create many chances before they took the lead whereas as we were really dominating the play. After the Parisian goal, we really pushed and in the end it paid off. No-one ever thought we could possibly be eliminated tonight, but we know things can change quickly in football.

Gérard Houllier: I’m proud. I really take my hat of to my players... I admire them. They are a team of competitors. Even at training, playing four on four they have the rage to win. I’m also a little frustrated by the penalty and a little pout out by the Parisians’ physical approach tonight. The two goals from our captain tonight, Sylvain Wiltord, are a symbol. He didn’t play against Marseille, yet he was there to give all the advice in the world to Karim Benzema.
Obviously it was a cruel end, but one man’s loss is another man’s gain. The result is not unjust given the number of chances we had. It was the right result.
They are complaining that Vercoutre should have been sent off, but that’s a bit rich considering Rodriguez could easily have been sent off inthe first half.
I knew this PSG side would give it a good go tonight. There mistake was, at 1-0, they started to play rough and that woke us up.
Rémy Vercoutre: You have to congratulate the whole team. The whole team played well. It’s not easy to keep on winning every three days.
I’m full of confidence at the moment, but that’s normal when you see what the others do in front of me.

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