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Published on the 01 November 2006 à 23:21 by BV/SR avec OLTV

Check out all the reactions after Olympique Lyonnais’s Champions League win over Dynamo Kiev.

Patrice Bergues: That was a tough win against a good team that remained dangerous right to the end. That proves that we are human. We weren’t able to get the second goal, but we were able to defend well. Now we still need a good game against Real Madrid to be assured of finishing top of the group.
You have to take your hat off to this Kiev side who have played well in both games against us.
I’m happy because we still haven’t conceded a goal in the Champions League this season and not many teams can say that. I’m happy that we’ve qualified for the next round, but we want to go a lot further yet.

Gérard Houllier : The aim was to qualify. That’s done. The second aim is to finish top of the group. We will have our own little final away to Real Madrid and even a draw will put us in a strong position. In the first half we could easily have scored one or two more goals. It really was a superb football match and it took a very good Lyon side to beat Dynamo tonight. We needed to work to contain them right until the end.
I really like this Kiev team because they want to play football like us. It’s a shame there weren’t more goals because both teams really played spectacular football. There were moments when we saw a simply incredible Lyon.
Now we’re in the last 16, so a big bravo to all the players and also the entire coaching staff that train them.
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