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Published on the 04 November 2006 à 19:52 by SR & BV

Check out all the reactions to Lyon’s first loss of the season away to Rennes...

Jean-Michel Aulas: It had to happen one day. However the result is a little unjustified. Rennes did what they had to do to open the scoring and then hold on. In the second half the players took control of the game and gave it everything. We had a magnificent second half and tonight, we deserved more.
Now we have to look at the positives of this defeat: perhaps the media will get off our backs a little. Here I have an silly article from a national paper claiming: “Lyon, the wet blanket.” We’re a wet blanket because we’ve got too much money and are too strong. Perhaps that means that now things will go back to normal. You have to know how to accept a result this, but also say the things that need to be said. The League needs to quickly rectify a number of little decisions against Lyon which go against common sense. We shouldn’t have been playing on Saturday afternoon after playing in the Champions League on Wednesday. At best we could play Saturday evening, but normally we should have played on the Sunday afternoon. I think they want to pull the same thing when we play Sedan. There have been a number of these flagrant decisions, all designed to bring Olympique Lyonnais undone.

Kim Källström: My return didn’t go as planned because we lost our first game of the season. That hurts. We struggled to get into the match and that goal from a corner only made things harder. We came back strongly in the second half and created a lot of chances without being able to put it away. It really is a match to forget…
I twas the first time in my entire career that I’ve played left-back but i twas for the good of the team once Florent Malouda came into the game. It’s a totally different type of play but I think it went okay.
Finally, the Rennes fans went easy on me tonight. They have fond memories of me... as I do of them.

Gérard Houllier: We started very timidly. We weren’t watchful enough and we conceded that goal. We then had a good finish to the first half and a very good second half. We carved out a number of openings and we could easily have won 3-1 but tonight the ball didn’t go in. The goalkeeper was having an amazing day. They also played well on the counter attack. This defeat leaves a bitter taste in our mouth because we didn’t deserve to lose.
I refuse to talk about fatigue. We’re playing a lot of matches but we still enjoy playing together as much as always.

Jérémy Toulalan: We’re disappointed because our first half really wasn’t good. We started the second in a different manner and we probably deserved to draw or win, but luck just wasn’t on our side tonight.
I don’t think this result changes anything. Now people will stop saying we’re unbeatable. We all know that every match of football is different, but we’ve just got to keep working and continue the way we’ve been going until now…

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