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Published on the 26 November 2006 à 23:30 by SR & BV

Check out all the reactions to OL’s 1-0 win over Auxerre…

Gérard Houllier: The important thing was to win after all the efforts we’d made in Madrid. I can see a huge improvement compared to last year. We fell apart against Rennes after a Champions League match against PSV Eindhoven. But tonight, we stayed concentrated and serious ans win against a team that is getting better and better. Auxerre could even have beaten Glasgow Rangers…
It was a win for maturity and also courage because we never gave them them anything. This is a real squad, not just a starting XI. I wanted to win because I’d explained to the players that we needed to celebrate finishing top of the group in the Champions League by winning at home. This win also gives us the title of Autumn Champion!

Jean-Michel Aulas: We now have the best defence and the best attack, we’re Autumn champions and we’ve qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League by finishing top of the group. All that is very satisfying. Now we need a second half of the season as good as the first.
All these records show that OL is a team of competitors without rival. You also have to acknowledge Gérard Houllier’s talent.
We are now the club in Europe with the most internationals, level with Chelsea and Barcelona. That is also very comforting.

Benoît Pedretti: We scared them a little from corners in the first have but we didn’t have any luck. They were better in terms of skilland also physique. I don’t know if we would have scored, but we didn’t want to just sit back and suffer.

Juninho: We’re happy with the three points for the win. Normally against Auxerre I have a bit of success, but tonight I hit the crossbar twice. All the same, I’m happy with the performance of the team. We now have a 14-point lead atop the standings, but that can change quickly. We hope to reach the winter break with a good lead.
Tonight, the supporters chanted my name like they did at Vasco. It’s nice and I’d like to thank them for that.

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