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Published on the 20 December 2006 à 23:42 by SR & BV

Reactions following the game between OL and AS Nancy

Kim Källström: We really wanted this win, and we had to use a lot of energy to get it. Their goal hurt us but we reacted well. We deserved it, because even when they equalised, we weren’t scared. Football moves very quickly. Even if we concede one goal, we can score one or two. For us and all the staff, it is really important to win this trophy. We played against Le Mans a few weeks ago, and we know they are very strong..

François Clerc: We started the match well. We opened the scoring and everything went well. This kind of game depends on discipline and hard work. So we pushed hard to get the 2nd and 3rd goals. We proved our superiority. The quarter finals were a bit scary for a moment, but to take everyone to the Stade de France would be awesome.

Hatem Ben Arfa: The team can only feel good. Harmony makes the difference, but we won’t stop there – we will try to go all the way. With this squad, we can really do something special.

Christophe Delmotte (live from Clairefontaine): I was part of the OL team that won the Coupe de la Ligue in 2001. It was unforgettable. I often remember the Stade de France decked out in OL’s colours. I’m sure they can make it back there this season.

Philippe Violeau (live from Clairefontaine) Yet another great OL team sweeping all before it. Nancy had no idea how to put the brakes on them. Their conduct, their appetite, their fighting spirit all show that they won’t miss a beat. This is how OL is and I don’t think anyone in France can stop them. My old team-mates Govou, Claudio, Coupet and Juninho are still there. Patrick Müller is back. That shows OL is a club where players want to stay because they feel at home.

Gérard Houllier: I had three goals for the end of 2006: The first was to get a minimum of 14 points from the 6 games left to play. The second was to top our Champions League group, ahead of Real Madrid. And third, to make it to the semis of the Coupe de la Ligue.
Cup games don’t bother us. We wanted to get through, we did, and that’s a good sign for what’s to come. We were very calm mentally tonight, the players didn’t show the slightest sign of nerves, even after Nancy equalised. We saw a great match where the two teams scored some beautiful goals. 3 goals? I had the feeling we were pepping ourselves back up and it seems I was right. I take my hat off to all the players for their hard work and discipline.

Patrice Bergues: Nancy always causes problems for their opposition. Whichever players are selected, they always give 100% of themselves. That’s why OL and their fans are so happy now: OL had to make a huge effort, with Hatem Ben Arfa instrumental in 2 of the 3 goals. Patrick Müller was awesome in his comeback game. And Flo (Malouda)! What can you say, he was huge!

Florent Malouda : I’m really happy I could fill in up front for such a good result. Now we get to play in front of our fans in the semis, which is a hug advantage, given what our fans are like. The semis? We’re never satisfied and our team spirit pushes us on. I have high hopes for the springtime. Monaco? After our stumble against Lille last year, are all determined to finish the year on a good note.

Alou Diarra: We played a great cup game. They equalised but we have players who can make the difference at any time. At half time our manager told us to keep pushing. And it paid off.
I don’t really score many goals, and I don’t always go to the near post. I like to focus on keeping up team spirit.
Everyone wanted to get to the semis. It’s great for our confidence.

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