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Reactions… Reactions… Reactions…

Published on the 07 November 2007 à 23:46 by BV avec OLTV Le Bus

Reactions after the match between OL and Stuttgart.

Hatem Ben Arfa: Tonight is a joyful night, especially because Barcelona beat Rangers. We’re starting to believe again. We freaked ourselves out and made things tough for ourselves when we had the game in our hands. We let them have shots on goal. We need to work on what didn’t go well tonight. I scored twice but as I often say, the win is more important than scoring. I give everything for the team.

Rémy Vercoutre : There are matches like this one, where you’re called into action, tough matches. Our first goal tonight was to ensure qualification for the UEFA Cup. We know what’s left to do. Now we’ll savour this win because Stuttgart is a good team.
Psychologically, with a 2-goal lead, it’s never easy because if they score one, then they feel they can equalise. So we had a poor spell but then bounced back when Sid and Juni took matters in hand.
As for the penalty, things could have been turned on their head had they scored it. We were starting to crack under their pressure but we knew we would have chances to kill the match off. And that’s what happened.
Just before the penalty was taken, Juninho came and spoke to me. He said he knew I was going to save it because it shouldn’t have been given. That filled me with confidence.
Now we’ll turn our attention to Sunday’s match with OM, because we know they’ll be waiting for us.

Cleber Anderson: That wasn’t easy. We had some tough moments but (Vercoutre) had a good match and Juni sealed the deal.
Now it all depends on us, we have our fate in our own hands. If we win against Barcelona, our confidence will be sky-high and we’ll come back from Glasgow with a win.

Alain Perrin: They were quality opposition. We knew they would leave space that we could exploit on the counter, but offensively they took a lot of risks. We had to be wary in defence to keep a lid on the German attack.
The longer the game went, the more risks they took. In fact we should have killed the match off earlier, like when Kader Keita missed his one-on-one.
Rangers are still ahead of us. If they win in Stuttgart, and we lose against Barcelona, it’s game over. Anything is possible. So we have to try to win against Barcelona.

Kim Källström: That was a huge match. A great spectacle and a privilege to play in. We should have finished it off a bit earlier but Stuttgart is a good team that attacks well. But we come out of the match with a win and a smile on our faces.
We won’t stop here. After losing the first two matches, we said we had to do all we could to make up for it. Now we need to secure qualification for the knockout phase. It’ll be tough they’re big matches, big clashes you can’t afford to miss. If we beat Barça, we’ll qualify. We need to defend better.

Jean-Michel Aulas: When I started out in football, my dream was to play in the UEFA Cup. It was the Holy Grail. Tonight was fantastic night of European football. I have faith in the staff and the team and they repay me with fantastic experiences.
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