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Reactions… Reactions… Reactions…

Published on the 27 November 2007 à 23:35 by BV

Reactions after the match between OL and Barcelona.

Fabio Grosso: It was a really tough match against a very strong team. We got a point, which means we can’t play for a draw in Glasgow, but we played a really good match. So now we have to go and put in a huge performance in Scotland. We did a lot of running tonight, after them and after the ball, and it was very difficult.

Lillian Thuram: It was a good result for both sides. OL is capable of qualifying against Glasgow. With the experienced players they have, it should go well.
Rémy Vercoutre: We didn’t start too well but we shoed a lot of spirit and hard work to level the scores twice. It was a semi-final. Now, we know what we have to do in Glasgow.
We knew we would run out of steam and that it would get complicated. We showed real character. We have everything to play for in Glasgow. It’ll be huge, a real crunch match. It’ll be a huge challenge but we do this job to experience such moments.

Sidney Govou: Tonight we have to make do with a draw. Barcelona played some great football tonight but importantly we didn’t give. They moved it around well. But we went after them and it paid off.
The last match will be crucial for both teams. There’s no reason for us not to be confident. We just need to learn our lessons from the first time we played them. We have to play a victorious match. It could be the beginning of an awesome adventure.

Alain Perrin: There’s a huge challenge ahead of us now. It’s what I feared. We had the means to win this match. Barcelona managed to score twice but, even at the end of the match, I thought we could still win it. We had the chances, anyway.
The players played really hard. In their recent Champions League matches, Barça haven’t conceded that many scoring chances.
They moved us around a lot but it didn’t yield them a lot of chances. We lost a lot of possession because of the speed of play.
The experienced players need to help us to put this game behind us. The Scots are hard-boiled and we need to find balance in our game. In the first match against them, we threw everything at them but Glasgow converted their all their chances. What changes will I make in relation to that match? Maybe I’ll choose a different tie.

Jean-Michel Aulas: Since the beginning, we’ve played in every stadium. Going to play a final in Glasgow is a good challenge. It’s doable. Anyway, there is massive motivation. It’s really in adversity that a team is forged. We had a catastrophic start to our campaign in Barcelona, but then the machine kicked into action. Tonight we saw a real team with impressive strength of character.
Now we have to think about Sunday’s game against Strasbourg.

Loïc Rémy: The conditions were tough against an adversary that played well on the ball. We managed to equalize twice, which is a good thing.
I kept believing right up until the end, but I was up against Puyol and Milito, two great defenders. In Glasgow, it’ll be a final. We’ll give everything we have over there.

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