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Published on the 02 December 2007 à 23:17 by SR avec OLTV Le Bus

Reactions after the match between OL and Strasbourg.

Rémy Vercoutre: Tonight, I’m really happy to have kept a clean sheet. It’s important for the team. That’s the bottom line. This way it’s much easier to move forward. There was a good spirit tonight. The players were skilful, Juninho was back on target with his free kicks and players like Bodmer, Keita and Baros brought a lot of quality when they entered the game.
The save? I know Johansen has a strong right foot and I knew he was going to let loose… What counts is that it didn’t go in, the save itself doesn’t matter.

Christophe Galtier: There were a lot of goals against what was the second-strongest defence in the league before this match. That shows our players mean business. Playing on the Sunday gave us extra motivation to widen the gap. The players were following the other league results closely.
The clean sheet was important, it’s our buzzword at the moment: “strength in attack but also in defence”. That’s what we’ll have to do against Glasgow, maintaining the 0-0 as long as we can. If we do that, the scoring chance will come.
Tonight we had to manage our efforts. Kader (Keita) needed game time while Ben Arfa was running out of breath due to all the games he has played recently. Milan (Baros) proved his determination. He’s been pulling out all the stops in training and showed promise tonight.

Fabio Grosso: I’m really happy that we kept a clean sheet. We played a huge match again at Rennes, and we got the 3 points again tonight, all without conceding. We’re on a good run at the moment but things were tougher against Barcelona. We’re widening the gap between us and Nancy and we’re marching on.
The Euros? France and Italy can’t escape each other. There are no easy beats in the Euros, so we’ll have to battle to progress from the group phase… and to keep going afterwards.

Alain Perrin: It’s not always easy to get going again after a Champions League match against Barcelona. The players should be congratulated to have been so responsible and for respecting the opposition. It allowed me to give some players a breather. We had to stay focused in defence to stop the opposition from getting back into the game, and that’s what the players did. After the 3rd goal, things became much easier.
Our vision, concentration and placement didn’t give our adversaries much of a chance. But our players had to stay concentrated the whole time.

François Clerc: My goal? Milan Baros entered the box, I ran behind him and called for it. He slipped me a beautiful back-heel and with a toe-poke it went in. It’s my first goal, and I’m really happy.
There were some great moves, top saves and awesome goals… our direct rivals didn’t get great results this round. It was a good match with a lot of goals and we kept a clean sheet. What a night!
This kind of match is the best preparation for our Champions League fixture. Before, we had to stay focused against Caen as they had given us the run-around in the Coupe de la Ligue.
Euro 2008? France is in a tough group where every team will be hard to beat. It’ll be tough but we always knew it would be. We have a great team and we’ll fight it out to the end.

Juninho: It was a good match. We’ve done alright this week. After Marseille, we had our hearts set on doing well. The 5-0 score line masks the difficulties we had during the match. Rémy Vercoutre saved us twice over. Which is great, because the game could have turned out differently. At 2-0 we were always racing forwards in attack.
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