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Published on the 22 December 2007 à 20:02 by BV avec OLTV Le Bus

Reactions after the match between Nancy and OL.

Christophe Galtier: We’ve maintained our lead over Nancy. We had some chances at the start but due to condition of the pitch, it got much tougher for us. We expected a tough, athletic match, but still we suffered. If Rémy Vercoutre hadn’t had such a stunning match, we would have gone home without a point. But the players should be congratulated, because it wasn’t easy tonight. As for Sidney Govou, he has a problem with his right ischial ligament. We don’t know how serious it is yet. But on a pitch like that, injuries happen easily. It could have been much worse. I can’t believe the match was even allowed to start.

Alain Perrin: Considering that we led until 3 minutes from the end, we were looking to take the three points. The players tried to play some good football and Rémy had a huge match.
But now we have two points from our last three matches. We haven’t managed to break away at the top of the table. We need to really kick into gear in January.

Hatem Ben Arfa: The conditions were pretty tough tonight, we weren’t even sure what studs to wear. Both teams attacked and attacked, which created space and a beautiful, balanced game.
We’re four points clear at the halfway mark, and we need to widen that gap. 2008 will be a huge year because we have lots of objectives and are still in action in every competition.
The break will do us good.

Fabio Grosso: It was impossible to play on this pitch, it was dangerous for the players. The draw was a good result, considering the way the match could have gone. We still have a four-point lead, we’re in the knockout phase of the Champions League and we’re still in the running for all the domestic cups. It’s been a tiring couple of weeks, so the days off coming up will do us good.

Rémy Vercoutre: The pitch was unplayable. For a 1st versus 2nd clash in Ligue 1, it’s pretty disappointing to be playing in such conditions. We were instructed not to take any risks, to play simply and in their half. Milan scored a goal that will do his confidence a lot of good. We’re all stoked for him as he’s had a bit of a rough time of late.
A club like OL, when it takes a 1-0 lead, should be able to shut up shop to get the three points. So we’re a bit disappointed, because we knew they were strong from set pieces, but we’re not going to sulk about it: very few teams have got a point from their travels to this stadium. It’s a good sign. We played hard and cohesively.
We had a tough start to the season because of changes to the squad and injuries. But now we’ll attack 2008 and all the competitions we’re still involved in. It’s fantastic.
My individual performance? That’s my job. Making saves is what it’s all about.
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