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Reactions... reactions... reactions

Published on the 22 December 2012 à 22:55 by R.B

Check out the reactions in the OLTV bus after the Week 19 clash between Lyon and Nice...

Digard (OGCN)
"We created a lot of chances but we just couldn't score... We'll all we;ve got to stay as high up the table as possible..."

 Bafétimbi Gomis
"It was a real pleasure to set up a goal for Lisandro... It was tough tonight, but we knew that the longer we stayed in it, the more chances we would have... We learnt the lessons from our match against Nancy... We wanted to finish the year on an average of two points per match... it's great. It was a good win that allows us to keep breathing down PSG's neck. The first half of the season? Things are looking promising. We've been very consistent, even while integrating a number of youngsters into the squad. Plus, all the injury troubles we've had haven't taken their toll. My assist for Lisandro? I beat my man and saw Lisandro. he needed to score tonight... I thought about the time against nancy when I shot instead of passing to Alexandre Lacazette. I'm happy. It shows how much of a team we are. My goal tally? I'd love to have my best season ever in front of goal [his previous best being 16 goals with Saint-Etiene]. I could well set a new benchmark for myself, while also helping the club to achieve their objectives."

Milan Bisevac
"It's a great Christmas present for the fans.We played a good match against a good Nice side. But when we play at home, we're in control... we didn't concede... so we can go on holidays with a clear conscience. We need to hit the ground running in the New Year and keep working hard. Two points per match is pretty good..."

 Rachid Ghezzal
"I missed my chance to score... that's going to spoil my holidays. Still, overall, I'm satisfied. I need to keep up the good work. Tonight it took us a while to get into the match..."

Jean-Michel Aulas
"It's going well.I was a bit concerned before this match. It's almost like a second derby... I'm relieved. Nice played well. We needed to be efficient and have a bit of luck on our side... things worked out of us and Rémy made a decisive save in the first half. Qualifying for the Champions League is the result of a season's worth of hard work. With a lot of team spirit and by keeping our players. We have to be intelligent to streamline our squad without weakening it. We have a great squad. If we can manage our power and our understanding and if we have fewer injuries... things are looking good. We have to stay humble. It makes sense to hang onto our players as long as noone in the squad is disgruntled. It's critical that competition in the squad be healthy and not a source of acrimony. The economics of the club are important. It would be a shame to let two players go, as has been previously annoucned. Our priority is not to have any unhappy faces in the locker room. We mustn't bring in players after having given hope to the youngsters. What we've achieved so far this season isn't bad at all, but the accountants are warning us. There is a lot to take into consideration."

Rémy Vercoutre
"We broke the curse, and managed to finish the calendar year on a positive note. We've taken two points per match. We didn't concede. We were up against a very good Nice side who didn't shut the match down... I take a lot of pleasure in helping my mates... it was great for me to start the move tha led to Lisandro's goal. We'll make sure we're in good shape when the season picks up again in the New Year."

Claude Puel
"It was a very special match. With a bit more efficiency in front of goal, we could have cracked the match open in the first half. It's a very harsh result for the lads, who played well. We just couldn't find the right response in attack nor in defence. It's a heavy scoreline and we were pretty unlucky; OL made the most of their counter-attacks. Rémy Vercoutre made the right saves at the right time. We're frustrated, but proud of the football we played. Sometimes football is a fickle mistress."

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