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Real Madrid press conference

Published on the 20 November 2006 à 15:08 by RB & BV

At the Real Madrid training complex, Fabio Capello fronted up before the media for the traditional pre-match press conference…

Fabio Capello

How do you think the match will go on Tuesday?
Real will feel a certain sense of revenge. The Real that lost the first meeting was different to the current Real. We’ve changed. We know each other better and we’ll do everything we can to win. The most important thing was to qualify. Now we can’t see how the rest of the competition will pan out. We’ll see. Guti and Cannavaro are better. Guti is in great form, while Cannavaro is training separately. If he is still sore on Tuesday morning then I won’t be taking any risks.

What do you think about OL?
OL is a team that are cruising in their domestic league. Coming to the Bernabeu is always a great stimulant. Several factors make me think OL will play well on Tuesday...

Is Guti really that important?
When I arrived at Real, I only knew three players: Guti, Roberto Carlos and Raul. He’s a very, very important player. His career is particularly brilliant.

A word on Sergio Ramos.
He could become a truly great player. He could go a long, long way. What’s more, he can play several positions.

What do you think about Mahamadou Diarra’s transition to Real Madrid.
When you change country and club, it always takes a little time. That was the same for Zidane at Juventus but also for Platini. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see the real Djila Diarra.

Is first place in the group important?
We’ll do everything we can to get it. I’m 100% convinced we’ll give it everything. You don’t play a Champions League match without trying to win it. It’s not a revenge in the strictest sense of the term because we are better than we were in the first match. At any rate, OL are a team that need to be watched.

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