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Rémi Garde's press conference

Published on the 07 December 2012 à 15:48 by R.B

Obviously, it was all about the impending derby...

 Rémi, is it possible that the transition from the Europa League match against Shmona to the derby on Sunday could be brutal?
"No. But there is some adjusting to do and we knew there would be. We've turned the page quite happily on the Europa League; we did well but now we're focused on the derby. The derby preparations began as soon as the match against Montpellier ended. This derby is important, but there are still another three matches before the winter break. The objective is to keep up the good work we've been doing for the last few weeks, but we mustn't put inordinate pressure on ourselves."

How is the derby looking for OL?
"Rather good. Both sides are enjoying some good form and playing some beautiful football. On top of that, this derby is also a top-of-the-table clash. Sometimes this makes for a not-so-spectacular match, but it's difficult to say how Sunday's game will be. The standings and the style of football the two sides are playing make this derby different. Either side could win it. But, I repeat, there is life after the derby! The season doesn't end on Sunday night."

What frame of mind is your team in?
"I'm detecting a lot of hunger. I learnt a lot from our Europa League match, and we've been able to prepare well for this derby. Everyone wants to play. I have a starting line-up in mind... We'll see. My objective is to field the most competitive team possible. The starting line-up? It could well be very similar to the one that started against Montpellier. Returns to action? It's possible. Lovren and Briand won't be available... Lisandro? It's possible that he could play a part..."

What's it like to play a derby?
"It's different for everyone. It's my job to try to conduc the experience. A lot of players are familiar with this derby. It's a pleasure and privilege to play in. There is a group of players who have been Lyon through and through for a long time now. For me, it;s always the same feeling, the same emotion."

In terms of coaching staff, we've been boosted in past derbies by Raymond Domenech and Bernard Lacombe

Haven't you put a lot of pressure on your players by talking about winning the title?
"If a coach doesn't start the season looking to win, he's not doing his job. What I said was not a prediction and it didn't put any extra pressure on the players."

 How do you explain OL's impressive record in derbies at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard?
"We don;t pretend to have the recipe for success. And statistics don't win matches. A derby is always a tough match to negotiate. You have to keep a lid on the emotions that can run wild out on the pitch. In terms of coaching staff, we've been boosted in past derbies by Raymond Domenech and Bernard Lacombe."

Could it be a complicated encounter for Steed Malbranque?
"Steed is well-balanced and solid enough to know what he needs to do on Sunday. If he receives a hostile 'welcome', it could well serve to motivate him even further."

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