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Rémy Vercoutre: “With the bit between my teeth”

Published on the 18 December 2006 à 18:53 by BV

So, you’re going to be in goal for OL against Nancy on Wednesday.
Apparently, I’m going to play. It’s not a surprise for me. Ever since I started the competition, I was calmly preparing myself to play in this match. After our victory over Paris, I knew there would be another match.

It must be a good feeling to play again after filling in so well recently.
Of course. It’s always great to play. Especially right now because the team is doing so well. Getting back into goals after a performance like last night at Lens, it’s reassuring and spurs me on.

What sort of opposition are you expecting?
A tough one. Nancy have qualified for the next round of the UEFA Cup and are coming off a great win at OM. They are impressively composed, so it will be a very complicated match. We have already played against them at home, and we could see that they are hard to move around. Even if we weren’t too worried, we still didn’t really know the best way to attack them. In the end, we were just happy to win it.

Is a cup game extra special for a goalie?
No, it’s extra special for everyone, it’s a knockout match, no second chances. If you lose, there are no more matches. It is special to me, not particularly as a goalie, but because if we get knocked out of the Coupe de la Ligue, I don’t know when I’ll play again. I’m really going to play this match with the bit between my teeth.

Do you feel an extra pressure to bring yourself up to the level of the other players?
Frankly, I have no pressure on me. Win or lose, my status doesn’t change, I just play another game if we win. My good performances earlier in the competition give me confidence for this match.

The Coupe de la Ligue is one of OL’s stated objectives this season whereas it wasn’t such a priority in years past.
That’s just the way our season is: when we play in front of our home crowd, that forces us to win, to win every match in every competition. We give ourselves to the game, and we’ll see where it takes us. We know we are two matches away from the final at the Stade de France and that everyone will throw themselves into the matches, it’s exciting. The final on March 31. It’s all I dream about. When I saw the disappointment of Juninho and Tiago at being suspended for Wednesday’s game, It told me a lot about OL’s motivation. Before the Lens game, we really wanted to win our last 3 games so we could go on holidays with a clear conscience. One down, 2 to go.

Before a game like this, do you prepare for a penalty shootout?
when you look at how few goals Nancy concede, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility. We don’t know how it’s going to go down, whether we will score goals. Nancy has a really good defence. We could lose that way. At a given moment, we could also get through thanks to penalties. We have already had a shootout this season, in the Trophée des Champions. We train for it all the time.