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Rennes inspire Govou and Juninho

Published on the 02 November 2006 à 10:00 by R.B

Sidney Govou and Juninho have often enjoyed, over the course of the last five seasons, a lot of success against Rennes...

The Brazilian has scored qix goals in five seasons against the Brittany outfit. Two goals in 2005-06: one against Isaksson and one against Pouplin (from the penalty spot); one goal from the spot against Cech in 2003-04; one free-kick against Durand in 2002-03 and two against Durand, including another spot-kick in 2001-02. Six goals and five of them came at the Stade Gerland. In five of the games in which Juni scored, Lyon won four. The defeat was last season at the Gerland when he scored a penalty. Note that he completed the trifecta against Durand, scoring a goal from open play, a penalty and a free-kick.

Sidney Govou’s counter stands at four. One goal against Isaksson in 2004-05. One against Cech in 2003-04 and another against Durand in the same season. And finally another goal against Durand in 2001-02. Four goals including two at Gerland. Govou, when he scored, has always finished a winner against the Brittany club.
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