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Rennes - OL: The numbers

Published on the 06 November 2006 à 13:00 by R.B

Les Lyonnais suffered their first defeat of the season at Rennes on Saturday… check out all the numbers from the loss as well as the whole season to date!

Juninho and Co shot 15 times at the Rennes goal. 5 shots on target; 7 off target and 3 were blocked. 9 were from outside the area and 6 from within. 13 shots came in the first half! Rennes took eight shots at Grégory Coupet’s goal including 7 in the first half: 2 on target, 6 off target and 1 blocked. 5 of the shots came from outside the area.

Grégory Coupet made six significant saves.

OL were awarded 17 free-kicks; Rennes received 18.

In terms of possession OL held the ball for 20 minutes and 13 seconds against 18:56 for Rennes.

1 yellow card for Tiago and 1 red card for Juninho.

The season so far:

199 shots taken by OL: 74 on target, 50 blocked and 75 off target. 107 from outside the penalty area and 92 from within the box. Juninho 40 shots(5 goals), Malouda 30 (4 goals), Fred 16 (5 goals), Benzema 18 (4 goals), Wiltord 10 (2 goals)...27 goals scored (8 left-footed, 14 right-footed and 5 headers; 4 from corners, 11 from centres; 1 from a free-kick; 2 free-kicks (Juninho v Troyes, OM); 22 from inside the penalty box and five from outside (Juninho x 3, Malouda, Wiltord).

Les Olympiens have scored seven goals in the first half, but none between the 30th and 45th minute, and 20 goals in the second half.

OL’s opponents have shot 114 times including 41 on target, 23 blocked and 50 off target. 62 from outside the penalty area and 52 from within. 9 goals (5 right-foot, 3 headers and 1 own goal; one free-kick, one from a corner, 2 from free-kicks, 2 goals from outside the penalty area).

227 free-kicks for OL and 230 for their opponents.

17 yellow cards: Fred 3, Juninho 3, Cris 3,Tiago 3, Govou, Malouda, Cacapa, Berthod, Källström.
1 red card: Juninho

No player has played every minute of every match. 24 players have been used. Benzema and Källström have taken part in all 12 matches.

OL has one point more than they had at the same time last season. OL had 24 in 2003-2004, 21 in 2002-2003, 26 in 2004-2005 and 21 in 2001-2002.
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