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Saint Etienne dismissed a second time

Published on the 14 December 2006 à 17:42

The Appeals Commission of the Ligue de Football Professionnel today examined the appeal by Saint-Etienne.

The club was contending that François Clerc, OL player, had not, as at October 14, served a one-match suspension handed down by the Commission Juridique over his litigation with Olympique de Marseille.

Even though François CLERC took no part in the game that day, AS Saint-Etienne demanded in its appeal, once again, to be handed the three points in court for a game they lost 2-1 on the pitch.

After hearing from the parties and their lawyers, the Appeals Commission made its decision almost immediately, confirming the decision of the Commission Juridique and rejecting St Etienne’s demands.

OL is overjoyed that the law has upheld its sporting ethics and hopes this decision will put an end to a series of proceedings that run counter to sportsmanship and fair play.