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Published on the 23 December 2010 à 10:35 by R.B

Lyon finished off the year with a draw at home, which brought a number of regrets, even if they continued their unbeaten run...Match retour...

Leaving the ground on Wednesday night, a supporter said it’s shame. "Too bad for not having finished the year with a success. Decidedly, since the game against Saint-Etienne in December 2000, OL never wins this match at Gerland before the break, 4 draws and 2 losses .... "

Another said it’s a shame. "Too bad that by having scored a lucky goal in injury time of the first half, we concede this goal straight after half time...." And a pity the referee did not signal the clear offside position before the Auxerre goal. What a mistake!

Another railed. "These free-kicks, we do not know how to hit them anymore..." 43 were taken directly in 26 games for one goal ... two goals were scored following free-kicks ... OL are no longer efficient from set pieces. And what a carnival before every kick to see who will take it! The game against Auxerre is a perfect example.

Too bad the Lyon players were lacking a little freshness, who definitely seemed tired. Pied, used sparingly in recent matches, has shown the difference when he came on.

Others might regret that this draw did not move OL to the top of the L1 in view of the other results of the evening. In any case, with Lille having a game in hand this title of Autumn champions would have had no real value.

Beyond the regrets, we can note that OL have now gone 12 games in a row in the league without defeat (7 victories and 5 draws). What a comeback! OL are well placed as desired by the coach Claude Puel. This promises for the future in this league which is very tight.

We can note that Lloris finished the first part of the season as he had begun by being decisive. This goalkeeper is simply immense.

We can note that OL, deprived of Toulalan, Cris, Gourcuff, Ederson, can imagine that they will be even better in the game and on the scoreboard, even though they have undoubtedly progressed over time.

Finally, we can note that things are much better with the fans.

The first part of the 2010-2011 championship therefore ended at Gerland on Wednesday, December 22nd. The conclusion? Everything is still to be done... which brings more hope than worry. All that remains is to concretize the optimism...

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