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The 100 days of OL

Published on the 15 November 2010 à 18:47

Everything has been said about OL's poor start to the season.

18th in the table on the evening of a miserable derby, OL had managed only one win in seven matches and it was only thanks to newly promoted Arles-Avignon that they did not have the worst attack in the division in terms of efficiency with only 4 goals!

We were the 27th of September, the Ligue 1 championship had started just 50 days earlier.

The preparation period was delicate with the staggered resumption of the international players, the aftermath of the World Cup, many injuries, various shortcomings and uncertainties, the explanations were there. Each player was then able to question himself and the results followed.

Meanwhile, the squad built itself up little by little, with the returns in recent weeks of CRIS Jérémy TOULALAN and Michel BASTOS tomorrow Aly CISSOKHO, LISANDRO DELGADO and later on that of EDERSON, with encouraging signs of a new consistency in the style of play.

50 additional days have elapsed, during which OL have put in the best run of all the clubs in Ligue 1 with 14 points taken from a possible 18 and this time the third best attack of the competition.

The result, after 100 days of competition, not only has OL not abdicated but instead they have shown all of their qualities, including their moral resources.

The only club to have beaten the top two teams in the division, Brest and Lille, Lyon are today 8th in the Ligue 1 after a victory that summarizes the policy of Lyon with the quality of their youth system, a goal from Jérémy PIED a great hope of the club who knows how to show his qualities in an top level squad and ambition of their recruitment, an assist from Yoann GOURCUFF, confirming that he has settled at Lyon and his universally recognized qualities, despite public fears expressed somewhat unfortunately in recent days.

It is true that some will say that the quality of play is not the one they would like, but it is of note that the last time these same critics have intervened to say that OL were playing well, was on the night of a derby which was lost 0-1!