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The children of OL

Published on the 14 October 2010 à 15:30

Guillaume Gache will encounter active players who have come through the OL academy.

A new feature appears in OLSystem two Thursdays per month from October 14th. Guillaume Gache is going to be meeting active players who have gone through the Training Centre of the OL, but that did not manage to make a career at the highest level of French football, the opportunity to meet players playing in L2, National, CFA, CFA2 ...

Meetings where these players will speak about themselves. They talk about their time at OL, the evolution of the club, their ambitions, their lives ... Daniel Jaccard is the first guest. He is a goalkeeper at AS Lyon Duchére (CFA). He is also the goalkeeping coach of OL’s female team. He came very close to high-level competitions during the 2004-2005 season as he was the second keeper to Nicolas Puydebois in Manchester and against Sparta Prague ... He also remembers that he played for an under 18’s match against a certain... Hugo Lloris. The children of OL, the chronicle in OLSystem this Thursday evening.