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The Lyon squad for Nancy

Published on the 28 October 2006 à 19:15 by R.B

The visit of Nancy marks the return of a number of players to the Lyon squad with the likes of Grégory Coupet, Florent Malouda, Eric Abidal and Juninho all available again...

The Squad:
Coupet, Vercoutre - Clerc, Réveillère, Cris, Squillaci, Abidal, Berthod, Tiago, Toulalan, Diarra, Källström, Juninho, Govou, Wiltord, Carew, Benzema, Malouda, Rémy.

Cacapa is out injured, Ben Arfa with the reserves and Müller is returning from injury.

Gérard Houllier:
How do you see this match against Nancy?
"It will be a game between 2 good teams. Nancy are better than they were last season… and so are Lyon. We try and improve with each outing and prepare for the future. This Nancy team has moral qualities similar to us. In a word, it’s a real team. It’s also the second match in a row in which we’ll be playing the best defence in the league. But Nancy is not only a defence."

Will it be a harder match than Marseille?
"Before every game, I’m always a little uncertain. We search hard to find the best solutions to overcome that incertitude. A champion? That comes from talent, work – a lot of work, mental strength, desire, ambition and sacrifice. I was reassured when I saw the players joy after the second goal against PSG. That victory was a win for persistance."

Can you give us a word on that PSG game?
"First of all, take note take a look at all our results! I’m very proud of these results, of the way we’re playing and how we’re backing up game after game – that wasn’t always the case last season. You’re always a winner when you try and play football. I’m also very proud of the attitude of the players. Against PSG, there was a lot of aggression that went unpunished, and it was good that the team kept their heads. I would also encourage our opponents to concentrate on their own game and not only taking us out. Patrice Bergues? He is right to not want to talk about what happened. He didn’t insult anyway, he just told Rodriguez that he is a cheat. The referees? I take my hat of the referees for working under such conditions. Above all, I’m partisan and leave them in peace to do their job. This attitude of OL’s? It’s typically French. I’m focused on only my team and absessed by the aim to see them keep on improving with each and every outing."
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