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The OL press conference

Published on the 11 December 2007 à 19:44 by SR avec RB à Glasgow

Alain Perrin and Sidney Govou answered questions from the gallery in the customary pre-match press conference…

Sidney Govou:
Sidney, is there a method for winning this match? No particular method. The staff has given us some advice but it’s always different on the pitch, notably the motivation and drive, which will play an important role.

Can we hope this will be a different match from the first one?
I hope so, because if not, we have nothing to hope for in this match. Obviously we have to avoid making the same mistakes we made in the first match.

What do you think will be the keys to this match?
The physical aspect will be important, so we’ll have to really step up in this area. That’s one of the keys, but not the only one.

Is it a special match for you?
It’s simply an important match with a lot of pressure involved. We’ve made a huge effort to get to this stage, but I’m not under any more pressure in this one than in the others even if this one is more exciting.

Is OL under more pressure than Rangers?
Rangers will also be under the pump, even more so because they’re playing at home.

[IMG42638#R]Does the fact that a draw is enough for Rangers change the face of the match? The only thing that changes is that they’ll qualify if no-one scores. Still, this kind of draw is a hard thing to achieve at home. But time will be on their side but that won’t be the be-all and end-all of this match.

This will be the third time OL has played to qualify for the next round in an away game. Will you draw on your experience of the last two eliminations in this context?
Personally yes but I’m the only one to have played in both those matches. The squad has changed a lot since then so I don’t see an advantage in that for the whole team. This match is 50-50 even though Rangers will be slightly favoured.

Has OL been waiting for this kind of match for a long time?
No, because after our poor start to the campaign, we didn’t think we’d get to this position. We only started to think about it after the draw with Barcelona.

Alain Perrin:
Can you tell us in where the pressure is in this match?
It’s on us, because of OL’s history in the Champions League. When the draw was made, it seemed straightforward that the club would qualify but OL’s and Rangers’ results changed the situation. So Rangers will have to manage this home result carefully.

This match is like a final. Is that a bonus after OL’s poor start?
It’s a last-32 return leg. It’s a cup match. We’ll have to attack while remaining prudent.

What do you think of Brahim Hemdani, a player you managed at OM?
I thought he was great at OM; he plays very intelligently. He’s a great midfielder, very valuable.

Rangers have lost their last two matches, is this a trend?
Not really, each match ahs its own truth. This is a different match. Rangers lost twice away from home but they play every match to win, no matter what their game is like. As for us, we sometimes try too hard to play beautiful football. We’ll face real commitment, both mentally and physically, from this Scottish side, and we’ll have to deal with it better than we did in the first match.
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