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Thursday training for OL

Published on the 19 October 2006 à 18:58 by BV

Situated neatly two days after the match in Kiev and three days before the league trip to second-placed Marseille, Thursday’s training had two goals: recuperation for the Dynamo starting XI and a practice match for the rest...

Training got underway 15 minutes behind schedule on Thursday with 26 players present (22 professionals plus four youth players, but minus Jérémy Berthod) at Tola Vologe for a rainy session.

The three goalkeepers (Rémy Vercoutre, Joan Hartock and Jérémy Aymes) began with a specific warm-up with Joël Bats, while Grégory Coupet began with a lap of the ground with the outfield players. The players then joined up with Robert Duverne for a physical work-out. In rows, the players warmed-up the arms, heel-to-buttocks and then some adductor/groin work.

After 15 minutes with the physical trainer, they went to work with the ball with passing on the ground and then in the air. Coupet worked lightly with the ball... with the left hand contenting himself to same gentle two handed grabs.
While the goalkeepers worked on the high balls, the outfield players worked on circulating the ball on a half pitch with the aim of delivering the ball securely to the other side of the halfway line and the goal line.
Fred then retired to the weights room, Kim Källström, François Clerc and Eric Abidal worked on long balls and then shooting as Cris took Coupet’s gloves and stood in goal. "A real English ‘keeper," joked the Brazilian after a rare fumble.
During this time, the players that saw little or no playing time in Kiev had a practice match on a half-pitch.

The strikers then ended the session with some one on ones.

There were several pieces of good news: Patrick Müller resumed running. Claudio Caçapa trained normally for the entirety of the session.