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Vercoutre: In the firing line

Published on the 21 October 2006 à 16:29 by SR avec

Rémy Vercoutre will once again be in the Olympique Lyonnais goal as they take on Olympique de Marseille at the Stade Vélodrome.

Rémy Vercoutre

How was your first ever derby?
It was intense because I wasn’t even expecting to play in it, let alone experiencing such an incredible moment for our fans. To win a derby in the final minute, especially after Janot had saved the penalty, it was amazing… it will remain in the memory of a footballer.

What do you think of Jérémie Janot?
We had a long chat at the end of the match. He’s one of the good ‘keepers in the league. Certain observers thought he’d be limited by his size, but match after match and season after season he keeps proving them wrong.

A little word on the win in Kiev…
We knew how to wait. We have to perform every single match so as to avoid paying a heavy price. We played this match in freezing conditions and a mostly empty stadium, on a poor pitch, against a very solid team. We went there to try and qualify and now we’re not far off. For my part, I’m happy to be doing my job.

What type of match do you expect to find against Marseille on Sunday?
That’s going to be intense! Intense all around us, intense on the field. Intense before and during. When you’re a kid you dream of playing matches like this. You can’t afford to fill your head with everything that’s going on around this match. The club, and the squad, are used to these types of games. We’re not making a mountain out of it, even if we want to win and prove we’re a breat team, in every stadium we go to.

Are you worried about the OM fans?
No. When I’m in my goal I’m in my bubble. Anyway, I prefer to play in stadiums that are full to capacity like the at Marseille, that in the stadiums half empty which I knew with my former club, Strasbourg. You know, a full house means you almost always play better.

You are the one of the main voices on the sidelines. Will your absence from the bench be a hindrance for the team?
Don’t worry about that, Joan Hartock will be in my place and even if he doesn’t scream as loudly as me, he’ll be 100% behind the team. Here, everyone is pulling in the same direction.