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What’s in the papers on Tuesday December 19

Published on the 19 December 2006 à 11:19 by SC

This morning the press continues to look at OL’s campaign.

[IMG41308#L]L’EQUIPE is only interested in one man : JUNINHO, who the paper calls “JUNINHO, MR 45%”, noting that OL scores almost half its goals from set pieces, a discipline in which Juninho is the master. Claude Chevally analyses the numbers for the OL goals juninho figures in.
To the Brazilian’s credit: 15 goals after set pieces; 6 decisive passes with free kicks; 5 goals scored indirectly after free kicks; and 4 directly from free kicks.
The writer explains that these goals are more than lucky; they are the product of much hard work and artistic talent.
Another comment on OL’s league campaign: Lyon is the only club in Europe to have such a huge lead over its nearest rival. Celtic of Glasgow has a 14-point lead over its followers, the tops clubs in Italy and the Netherlands have a lead of 7 points, in England 2 points and Spain, 1 point. Two teams share the lead in Germany.

[IMG41303#L] Aujourd’hui en France muses on some ideas to enliven competition in a league for which Ol just seems too strong. 2 examples: Bar Juninho from taking free kicks or put OL on a 20-point handicap next season. The paper adds ironically: “That would seem easier than to ask the other clubs to put a good team together.”
Also in Aujourd’hui en France: “Will Paul Le Guen soon be out of a job?” The former OL manager is under fire in Scotland and could be near theend of his managerial career in that country.

[IMG41307#L]In a brief look at the draw for the quarter finals of the Coupe de la Ligue, sees in AS Nancy Lorraine “the next intended victim for OL”. But the Lyonnais should beware, behind this excessive optimism, the European Football Site warns: “Pablo Correa is a tough customer” who will “probably field his best possible side to defend the trophy”.