Gerland stadium : dates and numbers

The Stade Gerland is...

- 12 municipal employees
- 10 gardeners
- 2 lawnmowers
- a pitch, completely homogenous of 7140m², mown between 25mm and 28mm.
- 4 lighting towers, 45m tall, with 216 1,800-watt light-bulbs.
- 28 surveillance cameras
- 168 Press seats
- 265 Handicap seats
- 623 Prestige seats
- 461 ‘Club des 100’ seats
- 335 seats in the Jean Jaurès boxes

The total cost of renovations to the Stade Gerland comes to €32, 655, 000, divided between the city of Lyon, 54%, the State, 13%, the urban community of Lyon, 12%, the department, 12% and the region, 9%.

Gerland’s crowning moments...

May 1926: Inauguration

1942: The athletics track is completely renovated for the meeting between France and Switzerland

August 27, 1950: Olympique Lyonnais’ first match – then in Division 2 – against CA Paris (3-0)

1954: A report revealed the increasing use of the stadium. A project was put in place to enlarge coverage to the stands

1957: For the match OL v St Etienne, the club seeks authorisation to construct a wooden stand to seat 2000.

January 14, 1959: Olympique Lyonnais’ first competitive European match in the Coupe des Villes des Foire against Inter Milan (1-1)

1961: Proposal to construct an 85,000 capacity stadium if the city is chosen to host the Olympic Games. Demolition of the cycle track

October 17, 1967: First international match involving France is played at the Stade Gerland. A 3-1 defeat to Spain

September 9, 1980: The biggest crowd ever at the Stade Gerland: 48,552 spectators for the derby against Saint-Etienne

1984: The Stade Gerland hosts two matches from the European Championships: Denmark v Yugoslavia and Denmark v Spain

1986: The Stade Gerland hosts the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup: Dinamo Kiev 3-0 Atletico Madrid

October 14, 1994: Lyon is officially named as a host city for the 1998 World Cup by the Prime Minister July 1996: Renovation begins which will see the Stade Gerland evolve into its current form.

July 1997: Tournoi de France (French Tournament)

April 7, 1998: Inauguration

June - July 1998: The Stade Gerland hosts eight matches from the 1998 World Cup, including France 2-1 Denmark